Instructions to run Capture on VMware's hypervisor ESX or ESXi

Thanks to Lasse Borup for these instructions.

  1. ESX has to be at least 3.5 update1 and one need to use the VIX 1.5 api, only available as a download via the vmware server 2 beta download page. And if the wrapper library is not used, one needs to make sure the VIX_LIB environment variable is set to the subfolder VIServer-2.0.0 of the topmost VIX folder. (This is on Windows, i think its done differently on linux (if someone has instructions for Linux, please email them to the capture mailing list). There are some problems with the compile_revert_win32.bat script, which were resolved by using "hardcoded" paths instead of the environment variables. (Likely to be attributed to problems with spaces in windows paths).
  1. Manually copy most of the dll's from the VIServer-2.0.0 folder to the created capture-release, as revert.exe would complain that they were missing.
  1. In the connect call in revert.c, the parameter VIX_SERVICEPROVIDER_VMWARE_SERVER should be changed to VIX_SERVICEPROVIDER_VMWARE_VI_SERVER.
  1. In the config.xml file the following changes are needed:
    • Instead of writing for example "" as the address of the vmware server, one has to write "". The following port number is ignored.
    • For the path of the virtual machine, the following style is needed: "[storage1] Client/Client?.vmx" where storage1 is the data store containing the machine. Be aware of the space af the data store name.