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#743 (Feature Request) log folder name changeable new [email protected] enhancement highest
#749 Vmware error new [email protected] defect highest
#755 CaptureClient crashes when flooded with events new [email protected] defect highest 3.0.0 - Connection Monitor & DB Integration
#757 Capture-BAT support for 64 bits OS new [email protected] defect highest
#758 Capture-BAT - Show new value when SetValueKey is called new [email protected] defect highest
#610 FEATURE REQUEST: Registry output does not contain the value the key is set to new [email protected] enhancement high
#614 Feature Req: Result information for registry operations assigned [email protected] enhancement high
#615 Registry monitoring can't handle a key named \ assigned [email protected] defect high
#669 FEATURE REQUEST: Don't log communications between client and server when capture-network-packets enabled new [email protected] enhancement high --
#678 submitting patch for getting values of registry assigned [email protected] defect high
#690 Capture is not able to detect file renames new [email protected] defect high
#691 self learning mode for creation of exclusion lists new [email protected] defect high
#722 IE windows do not reliably close new cseifert defect high
#723 ping/pong gets in the way of transferring binary data new [email protected] defect high
#724 Add Prioritization/Short Circuit Logic to .EXL Parsing new [email protected] enhancement high
#726 2148270085 Errors on legitimate URLs new cseifert defect high
#732 Unable to parse MS Office Registry Key Entry new [email protected] defect high 2.1 - Divide-and-conquer functionality
#733 Support Vista guest OS with UAC enabled new [email protected] enhancement high
#739 Network dump (and possibly modified files) not captured consistently new cseifert defect high
#740 Process names logged as UNKNOWN or <unknown> for numerous events new [email protected] defect high
#751 capture doesnt pick up new URLs inserted into DB when in operation new [email protected] defect high 3.0.0 - Connection Monitor & DB Integration
#754 UDP connection events do not attach process id or name new [email protected] defect high 3.0.0 - Connection Monitor & DB Integration
#756 Postgresql error after a visited site new [email protected] defect high 3.0.0 - Connection Monitor & DB Integration
#568 no event output displayed on client side reopened [email protected] defect normal
#580 process monitor exclusion list & report redundant and inconsistent reopened [email protected] defect normal
#603 FEATURE REQUEST: Network monitor assigned [email protected] enhancement normal --
#676 Empty password on the user of the guest vm in the config.xml causes the capture server to crash (Windows only). new [email protected] defect normal
#700 Migrate from using 7zip externally and use the ZipArchive library new [email protected] task normal --
#712 Bootstrap client for VMs new [email protected] enhancement normal --
#713 Make exclusion lists more extendible new [email protected] enhancement normal --
#714 Create framework for window monitoring new [email protected] defect normal --
#715 Make the filemonitor detect delete events new [email protected] enhancement normal --
#716 Send runtime debugging logs to server new [email protected] enhancement normal --
#717 error handling needs to be revised new rsteenson defect normal --
#719 closing a browser during visitation does not cause this event to be reported back to the server new rsteenson defect normal
#721 filedownloader writes to const file name new rsteenson defect normal
#725 Client inactivity errors when network capture is turned on new cseifert defect normal
#730 FEATURE REQUEST: Make all timeouts configurable new cseifert defect normal
#731 Server can't detect changes in input list... new [email protected] defect normal
#734 Terminate process is not recorded new cseifert defect normal 2.5 - bulk process
#735 When Capture-Client crashes, it will lead to a client inactivity errors. new cseifert defect normal
#737 capture client crashes when installing a program (lots of events) new cseifert defect normal
#742 Process termination events missed new [email protected] defect normal
#744 CaptureClient uses 100% CPU after long time of idle new [email protected] defect normal
#745 URL's with uppercase get converted to lowercase new [email protected] defect normal
#746 progree log errors new [email protected] defect normal
#747 Server hangs -- VM stalled new [email protected] enhancement normal
#750 empty connectionmonitor.exl causes capture to ignore all connection events new [email protected] defect normal 3.0.0 - Connection Monitor & DB Integration
#752 capture connection monitor doesnt reload after capture has exited new [email protected] defect normal 3.0.0 - Connection Monitor & DB Integration
#706 Capture seems to ignore the VM server port. reopened cseifert defect low
#736 When IE instance locks up, close method fails leading to a VM stalled error. new cseifert defect low
#748 (Feature Request) config.xml in database new [email protected] enhancement low --
#753 Lack of information on Readme.txt file new [email protected] defect low 3.0.0 - Connection Monitor & DB Integration
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