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#614 Feature Req: Result information for registry operations Capture Client enhancement 07/23/07

Need to be able to see the result of registry operations (i.e. SUCCESS, NOT FOUND, BUFFER OVERFLOW, etc) otherwise it can cause confusion when interpreting log output.

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Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#615 Registry monitoring can't handle a key named \ Capture Client defect 07/26/07

Corner case alert :P If a key is named \ it will destroy the path to the key name. This is probably an error in GetProcessCompletePathName?() but I haven't looked into it.

#678 submitting patch for getting values of registry Capture Client defect 09/11/07

This is the basic functionality for the most common registry types as I need to work on the perl integration side right now. There is still the 256 char hardcoded limit on the display of binary data and a bunch of registry types need to be filled in, but I just wanted to submit it while I work on the perl part.

#603 FEATURE REQUEST: Network monitor Capture Client enhancement 06/05/07

Create a new monitor that allows to monitor network traffic. For example, it should be able to determine whether a process opens a network connection on port xyz. Similar to the other monitors, it should allow to exclude network connections from being monitored (e.g. internet explorer on port 80).

I think currently, this monitor should focus on outgoing connections but implicitly monitoring incoming. So if IE is excluded on port 80, it should also be excluded on responses on port 80.

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