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00:22 capture-server-2.0.1-261-src.zip attached to Releases by cseifert
00:22 capture-server-2.0.1-261.zip attached to Releases by cseifert
00:21 capture-client-2.0.1-261-src.zip attached to Releases by cseifert
00:20 capture-client-2.0.1-261.zip attached to Releases by cseifert
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04:00 Changeset [261] by rsteenson
Fix the threading issues with 2 threads sending to the socket at the …


01:53 Ticket #701 (capture client crashes ("Capture has encountered a problem")) created by cseifert
Seems to happen pretty frequently and should be easy to repro if you just …


21:25 capture-server-2.0.0-5601-src.zip attached to Releases by cseifert
21:25 capture-server-2.0.0-5601.zip attached to Releases by cseifert
21:24 capture-client-2.0.0-5601-src.zip attached to Releases by cseifert
21:16 Ticket #656 (send exclusion list via command line not functioning) closed by cseifert
wontfix: we'll remove the cmd line functionality in future versions of capture
21:14 Ticket #673 (url visitation ends in error without a reason) closed by cseifert
fixed: probably related to 699
21:13 Ticket #666 (malicious activity on the client in an error condition does not lead to ...) closed by cseifert
fixed: this is fixed. now, if, for example, the capture client crashes, this will …
20:51 Ticket #592 (server crashes when dealing with multiple vmware servers) closed by cseifert
20:43 Ticket #699 (Capture client (at times) doesnt send visit finish event) closed by cseifert
20:39 Ticket #692 (Capture doesnt filter events based on exclusion list) closed by cseifert


08:58 Ticket #700 (Migrate from using 7zip externally and use the ZipArchive library) created by rsteenson
Having to distribute 7zip with each release is frustrating and does not …
08:39 Changeset [260] by rsteenson
Create 2.01 branch containing deadlock * When unloading the network packet …


22:17 Changeset [259] by rsteenson
[CAPTURE] Vendor folder for unmodified common libraries used
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