A central repository for placing proposals for anything Capture related including features, technical documentation, possible solutions to major bugs etc.

Capture-HPC 3.0

  • GenericExclusionLists - Define a generic exclusion list that can contain an arbitary amount of access regular expressions per object
  • ErrorHandling? - Define a specification for error messages on the client and how the server should react to them
  • KernelEventMap - A generic kernel based event map that can dynamically handle different event structures
  • BootStrapClient? - A base client that connects to the server and downloads the full client, plugins etc
  • NetworkMonitor? - A kernel driver for monitoring network connections
  • WindowMonitor? - Monitor windows creation and deletion on a system
  • WindowAI? - Framework for detecting new windows are opened and how to deal with them
  • PythonVisitationPlugin? - A visitation plugin where people can write there own python scripts that deal with the visitation process
  • XenoRegistryIntegration? - Integrate the registry work Xeno did
  • FileMonitorEvents? - Expand the already existing feature to bring it more in line with filemon

Capture-HPC 2.2

Capture-HPC 2.1