and .


04:58 Ticket #3 (Walleye - no traffic alerts, just one sawtooth in orange) created by alfnel
Hello to all, We are working with our graduation work at the university …


01:09 Ticket #2 (Alert from snort's custom rules not shown in Walleye) created by Steve_Ng
The issue we have is that once you add rules to the system, snort's …


15:49 Changeset [9] by david
Removed test file
15:44 Changeset [8] by rmcmillen
Applied 1.3 fix to the trunk.
15:44 Changeset [7] by david


02:23 Ticket #1 (Purge PCAP and DBData failing with error) closed by rmcmillen
fixed: Fix for this bug has been submitted in revision [6]. It is now in the …
02:21 Changeset [6] by rmcmillen
Here is a fix for ticket #1.


16:53 Changeset [5] by rmcmillen
Creating a branch for 1.3. This branch will be used for bugfixes to 1.3 …


20:49 Ticket #1 (Purge PCAP and DBData failing with error) created by oemhumanoid
I am receiving the following error when trying to purge Pcap and Dbdata. …


13:35 Changeset [4] by arthur
Delete changelog and modify TODO as per email to dev list


07:18 Milestone roo-1.3 completed
The port of roo 1.2 functionality with bug fixes to a CentOS platform.
07:17 WikiStart edited by rmcmillen
Added license paragraph (diff)


14:29 WikiStart edited by rmcmillen
14:27 Changeset [3] by rmcmillen
Tag for the 1.3 b1 release.


23:36 WikiStart edited by rmcmillen
16:48 WikiStart edited by arthur
15:46 Changeset [2] by arthur
update README with new svn location and test commit access
15:18 FAQ edited by rmcmillen
15:18 WikiStart edited by rmcmillen
15:17 FAQ edited by rmcmillen
15:16 FAQ created by rmcmillen
15:06 WikiStart edited by rmcmillen
14:22 WikiStart edited by rmcmillen
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